Source Code Processing

Progeni specializes in rapidly or gradually converting or integrating legacy applications to modern IT environments and technologies. When moving the source code for entire applications platform-to-platform, language-to-language, database-to-database we preserve their already proven functionality.

Our solutions are complete from planning & design, conversion, testing through implementation and systems integration. We perform all aspects of a conversion/integration to a fixed price within a fixed schedule. Like the systems we produce, Progeni is flexible and adaptable. We can undertake the work for you, or partner with your project team.

Progeni's code-processing factory uses software tools that automate code conversion, platform migration and quality assurance testing. These advanced tools enable us to provide fast, superior, cost-effective results with consistent quality. Progeni uses our time proven methodology on all projects.

Progeni has a proven track record of safely transferring suites of applications so they seamlessly reappear on a specific target platform (or mix of platforms) while preserving and leveraging the client's investment in legacy applications. With Progeni, applications can be converted and deployed across multiple platforms for enterprise-wide use. The solutions require less training, deliver reduced maintenance cost, future proofing of critical core applications and fast return on investment.

We offer no risk, predictable, bottom-line results with minimal disruption to corporate management, IT staff and end users. And we have NEVER managed a project that has failed.

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